Headwaters Tri Club Annual Meeting, September 2014

Headwaters Tri meeting 9/28/14

Presidents notes:

  • Marcia 10k
  • Dustie fear of water
  • Brandi half marathon
  • Neil podium at nationals
  • Nationals is fun for all those that went
  • Time trials, open water swims, workshops for swim all provided good activities from the club
  • Expand activities for next year from the club
  • Fargo and Blue Ox as bookend events

Treasures report:

  • Christel did not run off with the $200 that we have in the account.
  • $232.17 ending balance.
  • Monies to be spent:
    • Domain name
    • USAT membership
    • Non-profit status with state

Constitutional changes:

  • Newsletter is replaced by Facebook page and club website
  • Establishing committees for social events and growth opportunities
  • Committee will not preclude events already in place.
  • Committee will provide and identify additional opportunities for growth of the club events.
  • Craig motions to accept changes
  • Brandi second the motion to approve
  • Motion was voted as approved
  • Simplifying election of officers


  • New minimums
    • 10 of one main item, no further minimums apply
  • Christel contacted supplier about old 1500 euro minimum order and that would still be valid.
  • Lisa proposed that we open order with the understanding that if we do not meet minimums we will refund money

Board of directors elections:

  • Neil, Matt, Craig, Christel, David L., all agreed to continue with board as needed.
  • Dustie, and Marcia agreed to join board.
  • Neil motioned to accept board
  • Brandi 2nd the motion
  • Board was accepted as photographed, see below

New business:

  • Grow membership through clinic, social, and other events to get more people that may be interested and hesitant.
  • Use Nevis as dedicated bike “group”
  • Bemidji as center for open water swim
  • Attempt to grow a run in the Walker area
  • Training workshops as part of a year long growth and educational opportunities
  • Two differing opinions are presented. One concept presented by Dustie and Marcia included a workshops with various presenters focused on different areas of triathlon. Christel proposed an idea of a beginner and intermediate/advanced session.
  • Referred to education committee.
  • Purchase of GoPro for underwater video recording for club was discussed.
  • Neil presented the donation/sale of his old camera to club.

Christel said go home. Matt motioned that Christel said go home. Meeting was closed.



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