August 22, 2020, start at 8 AM

Halvorson Beach, Nevis, MN

Find more information here


Nevis Time Trials

every other week, starting June 5, 2018
(check calendar).

Nevis Beach

20 min warmup ride, followed by 9 mile pedal as fast as you can. We ride the Northwoods Triathlon course. Slower riders go first followed by faster riders. After the ride, we do a 1 mile run. The run is optional, but very important if you are training for a triathlon. This is a great way to get faster and is actually very fun.

Note. Depending on participants, and upcoming races, route may vary, or  two routes may be offered.

Also, check Group Facebook page for scheduling information.


OWS will take place in Bemidji and Nevis over the course of the summer.  Check the calendar and the group Facebook page for more information and scheduling.


check group Facebook page for more information

2016 Triathlon Workshops with Coach Neil

Neil King

Neil King

A free workshop series on how to become a more successful triathlete will start June 14th, 6:00 PM at Halvorson Beach in Nevis and on June 22nd, 6:00 PM at Walker Beach. Sponsored by Northwoods Triathlon, Chase the Police Triathlon, Headwaters Triathlon Club, Up North Athletics, and led by Head Coach Neil King.

This training series will alternate locations each week from Nevis to Walker. Training focus will be on each athlete becoming a more accomplished swimmer, biker, and runner, and on putting the pieces together. Triathletes of all levels of experience are encouraged to attend.

To run concurrently with this training series will be a Headwaters Tri Club Bike-Run workout. A short 8+ mile bike (time trial start, all at your own fastest pace) followed by a short (1-2) mile run. Workouts start Tuesday June 7th, 6:00 pm at Halvorson Beach and are held every other week. The July 19 TT will be in Walker at the beach.

Summer 2016 schedule

HTC Workshops

  • June 7 – Nevis First TT (Time Trial) and Run
  • June 14 – Nevis First Workshop, Racing On A Bike
  • June 21 – Nevis TT and Run
  • June 22 – Walker Workshop, Open Water Swimming
  • June 28 – Nevis Workshop, Open Water Swimming
  • July 5 – Nevis TT and Run
  • July 6 – Walker Workshop, Racing On A Bike
  • July 12 – Nevis Workshop, Bike To Run Transitions
  • July 19 – Walker TT and Run
  • July 20 – Walker Workshop, Running Off The Bike
  • July 26 – Nevis Workshop, Swimming In A Crowd
  • July 30 – Walker Chase the Police Triathlon
  • Aug 2 – Nevis TT and Run
  • Aug 9 – Nevis Workshop, Putting It All Together.
  • Aug 13 – Nevis Northwoods Triathlon

12 weeks total, 16 sessions, all levels are welcome and encouraged to attend, all or some of the events. If you join us at the workshops and the trainings we guarantee you a successful triathlon experience this summer.

Who Would Benefit From These Training Classes?

Someone asked Coach Neal what the experience level in Headwaters Tri is and who would benefit from these training classes.

His answer:

I like this classification:
Beginner 5%
Intermediate 55%
Advanced 30%
Elite 10%
Pro 0%

First let me say that no one in our club is required to attend nor will I be offended if you don’t. However these training sessions will be focused on the middle 85% of intermediate to advanced triathletes. With that said beginners are always the ones to have most to gain. I will not ignore anyone and hopefully everyone will gain some new skill or knowledge. If you are one of our elite level members I might put you to work.

Please do encourage everyone you know that will be doing a triathlon this summer to attend. You do not need to be a current club member but I will encourage everyone there to sign up.


Northwoods Triathlon: Nancy Lewis 218-255-1789 or
Chase the Police Triathlon: Gretchen Gibbin,
Headwaters Triathlon Club:
Up North Athletics, Neil King 218-616- 0639 Or


2016 Triathlon/Masters Swim Clinics

Bemidji Area Super Swimmers & Headwaters Triathlon Club

These half-day clinics are designed to improve triathletes’ swimming race performance by focusing on freestyle stroke technique and stroke efficiency. Participants will receive expert instruction from BASS coaching staff.

Who are these Clinics suitable for?

Our Clinics are suitable for anyone who can swim approximately 4 pool lengths continuously.  They suit a broad spectrum of triathletes and swimmers who want to improve their swimming.

Athletes MUST be able to swim 25 meters multiple times to participate in these clinics

What will we be doing in these Clinics?

8:00-8:30 paperwork, payment, and changing
8:30 be ready to start
8:30-8:45 stretch and general swim warm ups
8:45-9:15 Skills and Drills
9:15-9:30 Mini set designed to work skills practiced
9:30-10:00 Additional set, stroke analysis, question and answer

When and where will the Clinics take place?

Clinics/Master Swim Sessions generally take place in March and April > check Facebook page for more information

Time: 8:30 am-10 am

Location: Bemidji High School Swimming Pool, 2900 Division Street West, Bemidji, MN (enter through the “Home of the Lumberjacks” entrance)

How much will it cost?

$10 per person per session (bring to each session)

What should I bring to the Clinics?

Well, your swimsuit and goggles, of course.

If you have your own paraphernalia like kick board, pull buoy, fins, paddles, snorkel, bring them along.
If you do not have any of those, no worries, we will find some for you, if needed.

How do I register for the Clinics?

The clinics will be posted as events on our Facebook page.  You can indicate your attendance for the event on Facebook.  Walk-ons are welcome.  Any non- club members have to sign a liability waiver on the morning of the clinic.  So, why not join, it’s free!  To become a member of the club, click on the JOIN tab above.

How do I get more information?

Call Woody Leindecker at 218.556.2440 or contact us via email.


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