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Neil King

Neil King

Coach Neil

Neil completed his USAT certification course at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs in the spring of 2009. He has coached athletes to personal records in individual races, and over full seasons ever since. Some have won age group contest, some overall races, others have gone on to qualify and compete in the USA National Championship then on to represent the USA in the ITU World Championships.

Neil believes that all athletes can benefit from coaching weather it is the simple act of having someone looking over your shoulder or the more complex task of taking complete charge of training. Numbers are an important part of communication between athlete and coach but empathy, and understanding of the individual athlete and the life changing adaptations they are making is maybe more important.

He is also a active triathlete himself with over 120 triathlons in his career. Highlights of his racing are, qualification for and participation in WTU Ironman World Championships in Kona in 2006, Third place finish in 2014 at ITU World Championships in Edmonton, AB, Canada, second place finish in 2015 at USAT National Championships in Milwaukee, WI. He has also been nominated as Grand Master of the year for the past five years by Minnesota Tri News.

Services Offered

Coach Neil (and his experts) will be offering the following services to club members free of charge:

  • “Ask the Coach”
    Neil (and his experts) will answer any triathlon related questions you may have to the best of their knowledge. Just use the “Ask the Coach” link to submit your question.
  • Monthly Blog
    Neil is planning to write a monthly blog addressing triathlon related topics that are of interest to the club members. Club members can suggest blog topics.  Use the “Ask the Coach” link to submit a suggestion.
  • Triathlon 101 Sessions
    Starting sometime in early summer and leading up to a local triathlon, Neil will lead hands-on Triathlon 101 sessions for athletes that are new to the sport and for athletes who want to improve triathlon related skills.  For 2016 the sessions will be offered prior to ‘Chase the Police Triathlon’ in Walker, MN. The sessions however are open to anybody, independent of the triathlon in which they want to participate.
  • Training Plan Feedback
    While this free service does not include setting up personalized or group training plans, Neil will provide you with feedback on training plans that you or somebody else developed.  He also will provide you with information on what to look for when searching for a training plan. Use the “Ask the Coach” link to contact Neil.