2014 IMoo – Ironman Wisconsin

Madison, WI, September 7, 2014
(by David Lewis)

Going into this Ironman the plan was simple…race. After my first IM two years ago I had felt more like a spectator than a participant. But really that is how I’ve approached all races of a new distance, just feel it out the first time and try to learn something.
So what did I learn. Gotta train a little more for IM, and that’s what I did. Racking up my best mileage totals to date.

On to the race. Went down to Madison on Wednesday probably a day early, oh well felt good to get away. Do the same as always, eat this, do that, blah blah blah. Rituals, do they matter, I guess, whatever helps.

Get in the water can’t really decide where I want to be. Swim all the way out to the buoy line, why not, fastest way around is a straight line. Cannon goes off and there we go. For the first 1.2mi lots and lots of bodies. Nothing too physical, someone grabs me and pulls me almost all the way under, good hard kick took care of that. Buoys change from yellow to orange in color to signify halfway point that’s when things open up and I’m swimming normally. Time -1:10 wanted -1:08 its an IM swim start….lucky to get out of the water alive when your an average swimmer.

No real plan here, just bike. Have my GPS watch on but just using it for distance. Why? Take calories and fluids every 10 miles. That’s what I do for 1/2 IM and it seems to work. Bike course is a lollipop, a stick out then two 40 mile laps and back in. Didn’t pre ride the course, figured that is what the first out and lap was for. I push but with control, felt strong the whole ride. Knew some of the guys around me so I know I’m where I should be. I pass them up the hill, they fly by me down the hill. Same sh*t different race. Hit mile 98 and spin my way in. Tried to finish strong in my first IM, didn’t work out so well. Time -5:22:xx Wanted – NO idea. Oh! Had a breakthrough on the bike, peed myself for the first 4 times ever while moving. Much harder than one would imagine.

Legs felt good. Ran a little faster than first split indicates, had to use the outhouse twice. I think they could use a few more of them out there, since they tell you NO going in the bushes. Run is going fairly good until mile 10ish. Good old stomach cramps. So first thing I do is turn the watch off. Gonna walk when I have to, and run the best I can. Looking at a watch has never made me run faster…. Never. I drink some coke, some water, Propel. More gels( at this point gross)orange slices taste the best. Finally get some chicken broth at mile 18-19ish. Stomach feels 100% better and my last 6 miles are not so horrible. Now these cramps I’ve dealt with before, sodium seems to help. Could be a lack of potassium. A little disappointed with my run, since it is my best leg. But considering that was my second marathon ever, can’t expect too much. Yes I know, need to run more, I’m a triathlete, run? Ha! I’ll get it figured out. Time-3:56 Wanted 3:45.

Overall was happy with the effort and time. Made some adjustments on the fly and never stopped moving. Still need to work on nutrition and just keep racing and learning.


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