2014 HITS ironman distance triathlon

Waconia, MN, August 16, 2014
(by Justin Domogalla)

Finished first 140.6 last Saturday a HITS Endurance festival in Waconia.  Goal time of 11:30 finished in 11:36.  Good enough for 4th overall and 1st in AG.  Great race.  Great price and low pressure.  Good course with alot of rollers, some decent hills, and a few flats.  Some nice hills on the run course.  Great place to do first IM.

2 * 2000 yard loops in the lake – wetsuit legal – 4 * 28 mile bike loops a fair amount of hills and rollers. Lots of farm country. You come back to the T1 area every lap. Good to see your supporters back there though really good. That day was cloudy and wind was minimal. 4 * 6.5 –  a 6.5 out and back and out and back. About 12 miles of hilly stuff for the run. The sun came out so it got pretty hot. The rest on flat semi-shaded bike trail. Aid stations were great. Water and HEED and fruit on the bike. Water, HEED, chips, pretzels, cold sponges, candy, like a whole buffet on the run. Yeah, the attendance was small which was kind of sweet for people like myself. The pressure is low, the cost is low, but the accomplishment and the opportunity is there. HITS Endurance does a great job of being relaxed(the race director gives you his cell number) but also very professional(It’s a US Tri sanctioned race). A super great day. 1:14 on swim – 6:01 on bike – 4:14 on run.


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